How 18 year guy generate 50 lakh+ revenue per month | How Aryan tripathi make money

Today we are going to talk about Aryan Tripathi, how he do more than 50 lakhs revenue (Not profit) a month and he is only 18 years old, so in today's blog we will tell you how he did 18 years Bought two cars of his own and is running a Facebook ad agency in which he runs ads for them and charges his particular amount

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 He is also only 18 years old and he has touched many heights in this, but all this did not happen in a day, he has worked very hard for this, so today we will give you information on this, how do you sit at home. can earn money

 And can fulfill all his dreams the way Aryan Tripathi is doing when he got his first car when he was not even 18 years old (he must have taken that car in his name, not in the name of his family members)

He is a self-educated digital marketing expert and an entrepreneur. Aryan Tripathi is the leader behind the 360-degree digital marketing company 'adymize'. We all are aware of the potential of digital medium in today's competitive world. Taking advantage of this, the 18-year-old entrepreneur has mastered a variety of topics including Facebook advertising, brand strategy, and social media optimization.

Keeping  with the latest digital trends, Aryan Tripathi suggests being aware of the happenings in the online ecosystem. “What content may work on the Internet today may be stale tomorrow. Hence, one must understand and create an online strategy that resonates with the audience and has a high recall value”, Aryan was quoted as saying. He then added that audience choice plays a vital role in the success of any brand in the market. Is.

At a time when almost every business is tied to digital fervor, Aryan Tripathi expects the trend to consume online content to grow. He said, “Everything is just a click away. And with easy access to social media, it is up to an individual how to generate revenue through various social media platforms.” As each digital marketing campaign spends. And in terms of reach, the entrepreneur feels that online campaigns have the upper hand over traditional marketing campaigns.

To make it easy, Aryan Tripathi has another venture named 'Learnmize'. As the name suggests, it is an online learning platform where rookie and amateur digital marketing aspirants are trained to run campaigns online. 'Learnmize' has already educated over 10,000 students, and the company intends to make everyone realize the power of social media. The unique platform of its kind helps the students to learn everything about the digital medium.

Well, it is a smart move by Tripathi to educate people and build a good business strategy through the platform. Aryan's other key skills are web development and online branding. At a very young age, the enthusiastic entrepreneur has helped a range of SMEs and brands to grow rapidly in the digital domain. In the times to come, Aryan Tripathi's company will organize workshops on influencer marketing to make students understand its reach at a wider level.

Now let's talk about how he earns money, from what things he earns, we are going to talk about all these.

1. Dropshipping

Aryan Tripathi does Dropshipping If you do not know what is dropshipping then we explain to you in this you create your own online store and on top of that you send it to the customer, whether it is from Facebook Ad or Google Ad With this, you have to send the customers over your store and if they like your product, then you can place the order in which you can earn a good margin.

 This is a very big topic, on this we will discuss in detail how you too can earn big by dropshipping. There are myriad ways to maximize the reach of any business. For the same, it is important to have a strategic marketing strategy. While the traditional methods of marketing are becoming obsolete, one cannot deny access to the digital marketing audience. To be precise, digital marketing is an asset for any brand or company that helps in establishing a presence on the World Wide Web. And in this tech-savvy world, Aryan Tripathi is doing wonders by helping many institutions and brands to grow digitally

2. Facebook Ads

As we told you that he also has an agency within which he runs ads for more people, and charges something for that, if anyone gets him to run ads, then he charges ₹ 50,000 and the ad is spent separately. take from

For the time being, we have been able to gather this information about Aryan Tripathi, as soon as we get some more new updates, we will definitely add it and if you liked reading our post, then you must share it with your friends and give us some suggestions. If you want you can comment below

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