Top 5 powerful idea to make 1000$ per month | How to make 1000$+ per month from single blog

Hello friends, today we are going to talk about how you can make a blog sitting at home.

You can earn more than $ 1000 a month, today we will discuss this in detail, what are the things that you can use and make your blog a profitable blog so that you can earn a lot from it

Right now many people want to earn money online and now try blogging on Youtube and other things so that the competition increases, even more, then you have to keep in mind that whatever work you do, you do it with full dedication and completion work hard.

Top 5 powerful idea to make 1000$ per month | How to make 1000$+ per month from single blog

We assume that you know about the blog, if you are, then we tell you that


What is a Blog?

The way you are reading this article and I hope that this article is helping you, in the same way you can also help other people by writing, in today's time people who like to read, by searching directly on Google Will come to your website and if they get the right information on your website, then they will definitely come back and as soon as someone else comes to your website, then we will tell you some such ways, how you can earn money from them and can withdraw up to $1000 of the month

First of all, you have to buy a professional domain to start a block, decide it according to your own law, in whichever thing you are interested in, you start a blog in the same thing, if your interest is in teaching physics to children, then you can make a block of physics. Similarly, you can start a blog of the same thing in which you are interested so that you do not feel much boredom while working in that blog.

You will also need hosting to start blogging and many people make the mistake of taking hosting from any small website and crashing their website when traffic comes. So if you want to avoid all this and want traffic to come to your website and do not want to crash your website, then we are recommending you a very good hosting.

Whose name is Hostinger, this is a very good hosting provider company, which is used by many people and they get very good results and their plans are very cheap, we recommend that whenever you go to get hosting, our coupon code "offer7" Please enter so that you will get a direct discount of 30℅ Off

If you want to earn $ 1000 a month, then you have to have a little patience because like you many other people are also trying their hand at blogging, you do not have to be demotivated when people leave blogging after getting demotivated, then only you will get your hundred. to give a percentage

 It is absolutely not possible that you can earn $ 1000 from a blog only after 1 month, you have to give time to blurring

 Now we tell you how you can earn money from your blog, there are many ways through which you can withdraw a lot of money from a blog.

1. Google Adsense

Google Adsense people are earning from thousand to $15000 per month and it is quite possible that you too start earning, for this you will have to connect Google Adsense with your blog as soon as you connect Google Adsense with your blog. Google Adsense will check that your website is providing real content, and they will approve you. Getting Google Adsense approval is neither a more difficult task nor an easier task. Many people are leaving blogging because they are unable to get AdSense approval.

 We will make a special comment on how you can get Adsense approval.

 2. The second is affiliate marketing

It is absolutely possible that you can do affiliate marketing from your blog, and friends. It will be very beneficial if you do Google Adsense ads and affiliate marketing on your website, but you have to do it in a very smart way because you have to improve your user experience. Do not spoil at all that u sir who comes on top of your website, you do not have to bother by showing him the ad, you have to place the ad in a very smart way and promote the affiliate product.

 3. Become a Content Writer for Others

Yes, friends, if you want to earn money by watching, then you can also become someone else's content writer. If you have your own blog, then you will also have the skills to write and you can also work as a content writer for others. For which you charge a little less in the beginning and gradually increase it.

 4. Sell your own ebooks/courses

You can also earn money by making your own book and effort and this is a very good way to earn money from a block, if you will start getting good traffic then you can convert your audience into the customer if you have There is no knowledge of anything, you can do good research on it, after proper research, you can make a great product i.e. course e-book

You can launch and sell it and you can earn a lot of money and this is a very profitable way, many people use it and earn a lot of money annually.

5. Paid reviews

Should you do a free review or a paid review? If the product you've been asked to review is relevant to your niche, don't be afraid to review. If you find the product useful to your reader base, and you think other users are going to benefit from this product, take a sample copy of the product and review it. Also, if you think there is a product in the market that you think is worthwhile, you can just go out and review; Don't wait for an advertiser to come to you.


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